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Curiosity. Empathy. Action.

Our Campus

Nestled between the hills of Ring Mountain and the waters of the bay, our 35-acre campus allows students the freedom to learn, play, and explore in an environment closely linked to nature.


Our Mission and Values

We believe in the core values of Curiosity, Empathy and Action. Grounded by these core values, our students gain the knowledge, skills and character necessary to lead effective and fulfilling lives as engaged global citizens in a complex multicultural and interdependent world.



Home/School Partnership

MCDS fosters a culture of collaboration among teachers, parents, administrators and staff. Our community could not be what it is today without parents who share the school’s values and endorse its mission of inspiring children to love learning and to envision and work toward a better world.

Inclusion & Belonging

We are committed to creating a school that reflects all the facets of a diverse community. We honor and value multiple ideas and experiences.

Love of Learning

Guided by our dedicated and highly skilled teachers, MCDS students develop a love of learning and an enthusiasm for school that builds eagerness to pursue future education.


After School Programs

Our after school programs provide students with structured and self-directed activities, quiet study time and opportunities to explore an area of interest from a wide range of subjects such as arts and crafts, science, sports and music.