About Us

Marin Country Day School is an independent K-8 coed day school enrolling 600 students at a 35-acre campus in Corte Madera, California.

Our school's mission is to create an inclusive community of learning that inspires curiosity, empathy and action.
Founded in 1956 by an adventurous group of parents and educators who believed that learning is a joyous and lifelong process, MCDS provides a distinguished education based on distinctive values, aspirations and practices. Students at MCDS enjoy the benefits of innovative teaching, enhanced understanding of how children learn, tools for clear and creative expression and an increasingly diverse student body.

Our rich and well-considered core curriculum includes a rigorous grounding in traditional academic disciplines: English, Mandarin, Spanish, mathematics, science and social studies. Art, athletics, drama, music and outdoor education are integral parts of the program. In addition, Aikido/Energy Time, developmental physical education and age-appropriate curricula covering nutrition, human sexuality and substance abuse promote health and wellness.

We strive as well to prepare our students to participate thoughtfully and meaningfully for a changing world and to give them flexible skill sets that will serve them in a world that is more competitive and technologically integrated. Woven into the program are initiatives promoting ecoliteracy, global awareness and engagement and facility in the use of technology. Ongoing review of the core program assures that the curriculum is dynamic, incorporates current pedagogy and best practices, and is well-aligned through the nine grade levels.