Campus Vision


At MCDS, our strength comes from people, program and place. We nurture a dynamic community of hearts and minds and bring people together in a place full of possibilities: our natural Corte Madera campus.

That’s why our Strategic Plan and Master Plan call for us to not only invest in our people, develop our programs and build our long-term institutional strength—but also to pursue campus projects that open up new possibilities for our students and faculty.

In 2017, you’ll see that vision unfolding with our new upper campus project:


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Endowment and Reserves

With over 60 years of educating children, MCDS continues to serve children and families who believe learning is a joyous, lifelong journey.

We are committed to growing our financial reserves and endowment to support a creative, diverse, and thoughtful community of students and teachers.

Our endowment is an investment in people. It increases the annual unrestricted income that helps maintain our commitments to indexed tuition and an economically diverse student body.

It helps attract, retain and develop outstanding faculty through flexible permanent funding.

It also provides long-term financial stability by providing a reliable funding source to supplement tuition income.