Mission, Vision and Values

MCDS Mission Statement

Our school is a community that . . .

INSPIRES children to develop a love of learning, thoughtful perspectives, and a diversity of skills
NURTURES in each of them a deep sense of respect, responsibility, and compassion; and
CHALLENGES them to envision and work toward a better world.
(adopted 1997)

MCDS Vision

Our community members inspire, nurture and challenge one another. Grounded by these core values through their MCDS education, our students gain the knowledge, skills and character necessary to step up and lead effective and fulfilling lives as engaged global citizens in a complex multicultural and interdependent world.
(adopted 2010)

MCDS Values

We believe in the core values of Respect, Responsibility and Compassion. We strive to consider, embody, and reflect these values in everything we do.

We believe all children are gifted.

We believe in celebrating and respecting diversity of all kinds.

We believe a school should teach critical habits of mind — including curiosity, independent thinking, risk-taking, perseverance, and resilience — in addition to fundamental academic skills such as literacy, numeracy, scientific inquiry and problem-solving.

We believe in the importance of mindfulness and the benefits of gratitude.

We believe community service includes service at home, at school, in our local communities, and in the larger world.

We believe children should remain children as long as possible.

We believe teaching students to think critically is as important as teaching them how to succeed academically.