Welcome from the Head

Lucinda Lee Katz

Our mission at Marin Country Day School begins with a statement of both possibility and promise: "Our school is a community." The shared values and spirit that have guided the school from its earliest days remain central: a focus on people - the children, teachers and families; a sense of optimism, or a “culture of possibility;” a conviction that learning is a lifelong and joyous proposition. From our days as a spunky start-up we have learned to dream big, to work hard and to celebrate people.

We strive to balance the best elements of a progressive and traditional education. Our setting on 35 beautiful acres is closely linked to nature and allows room for study and laughter, noise and quiet, thought and action. Teachers and students work together as learning partners and forge lasting relationships. At MCDS, kids come first.

Our mission reflects our aspirations. We strive to provide children with strong foundational skills and also to equip them to participate as flexible, creative thinkers and engaged citizens in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. We invite you to learn more about MCDS, our core values, our campus, our program and our commitment to creating a community that’s welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

Lucinda Lee Katz

Head of School