MCDS blends the best of traditional curriculum with progressive education. From kindergarten through eighth grade, our core program balances rigorous academics with the arts, athletics, outdoor education, and community service.

We believe students need to master traditional academic skills and subjects and develop the habits of heart and mind that are increasingly critical for success in our rapidly changing world. We teach our students the basics of literacy, mathematics, history, and literature. And we also emphasize the development of perseverance, discipline, creativity, self-direction, and collaboration.

We want our students think independently, to make connections among ideas, to take risks, to overcome adversity and to fall in love with learning.

Program Highlights:

  • Energy Time (ET) - a unique blend of Aikido, music, and movement taught three times a week in kindergarten and once a week in first grade. Energy Time fosters self-awareness, social skills, and conflict-resolution skills. This study continues in second grade through a weekly gathering and in third and fourth grade as “Dojo,” an opportunity to practice mindfulness and self-awareness, skills that will be honed in grades 5-8.
  • Service learning begins in kindergarten
  • Outdoor Education - Overnight trips begin in third grade.
  • World Language - Students take one semester each of Spanish and Mandarin in the third grade, with full time study in one language from fourth grade onward.
  • Art and music
  • Public speaking and performing arts
  • Physical Education
  • Integrated technology program from kindergarten through 8th grade with 1:1 devices. Beginning in sixth grade, 1:1 devices travel from school to home.