Lower School

The Lower School consists of kindergarten through fourth grades. There are three homerooms at each grade level. Each homeroom has 18-20 students and one full-time head teacher. In kindergarten through second grade, there is also one full-time associate teacher in each homeroom. In third and fourth grades, there are two full-time associate teachers for each grade level. There are approximately 280 students in the Lower School.

In Lower School, students develop math and literacy skills. Integrated social studies units at each grade level provide opportunities for students to apply basic skills to learn about topics in depth. Students build an understanding of the scientific process as they explore life, environmental and physical sciences, often using our campus as a resource.

Students have specialist classes in art, music, physical education, world languages (in grades 3 and 4) and library, while our social and emotional curriculum helps students understand themselves as learners and sets the stage for collaboration, empathy and self-reliance.