Upper School

In fifth grade, students are in four self-contained homerooms of around 15 students. Each year, up to 25 new students join the school in sixth grade, increasing the class size to approximately 85. Sixth through eighth grades follow a departmental structure, with academic classes of 10-18 students and advisory groups of 10-11.

Upper School students take English, Spanish or Mandarin, history, mathematics, science, art, music, drama, social emotional learning and physical education. In addition, we offer more than 30 electives, ranging from programming to knitting. Our after-school athletic program allows our students in grades 6-8 to compete against other independent schools. And many students participate in one of our choral groups, bands or ensembles.

The Upper School curriculum includes drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs, health and human body education (including sex education), internet safety and media literacy.

The Upper School also offers a number of optional activities and clubs.