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Our Graduates

I learned that if I set my mind to something, I can do it. I also learned that my first ideas aren’t always my best ideas, and to be patient with myself.- MCDS Graduate

MCDS graduates are academically prepared, excited about learning, kind and self-reliant.  After they’ve “stepped up” from MCDS, our graduates continue their educational journey at a variety of private, boarding and public high schools.

High School Placement

In keeping with the MCDS mission, finding the "right fit" high school is a partnership forged between MCDS and each eighth grade student and family. The process begins at the end of the seventh grade with a parent orientation and continues throughout eighth grade. Led by our dedicated and skilled High School Placement Counselor, in collaboration with our experienced eighth grade team, each child is surrounded by an abundance of support including practice interviews, skill building, and regularly scheduled planning sessions.