San Francisco Reflections

Nearly 70 years ago, our founders envisioned a school where students from Marin and San Francisco could fall in love with learning in an outdoor setting closely linked to nature. In addition to the excellent academic program, here’s what our San Francisco families say they value about their MCDS experience: 


Ten minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, nestled between Ring Mountain Nature Preserve and the Bay, our 35-acre campus features:

  • easy access to nature
  • expansive outdoor classroom spaces (including a dock, 3 gardens & a greenhouse)
  • walking trails
  • hillside cross country trails

MCDS’s singular location and dedication to an indoor/outdoor campus, with “trees for hallways,” is unparalleled and greatly influenced our decision to attend as a San Francisco family!"

“The extension of the classroom to the outside environment, field trips and the various classroom projects, have been a remarkable hands-on learning experience for our daughter."

“As SF residents, MCDS was our top choice as a co-ed school offering academic excellence with a shared set of values, particularly a kind and compassionate environment that is close to nature and where kids can be kids.”  



MCDS buses serve areas throughout San Francisco. We maintain our own transportation department and the bus drivers are all MCDS employees. Our San Francisco families appreciate and value their bus stop communities! 

Other bus highlights:

  • 100% ridership from San Francisco
  • 4 San Francisco buses 
  • Kindergarten students are paired with an MCDS student Bus Buddy at the start of the school year
  • Late bus leaves MCDS for San Francisco at 5:00pm (making it easy for students to participate in after school enrichment programs and athletics).

“It is pretty magical that they take a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and through the "rainbow tunnel" (where the sun usually comes out) on a big yellow school bus every day." 

"Our bus driver just loves the kids, and the bus ride has become a great source of companionship with other SF friends. And with a bus stop just blocks from our house, there is no commute!”

“Our bus stop community is wonderful and one of the daily reminders of what we love about MCDS, we found the parents of older children were great resources for any questions we had. Now, we play that role for new families."



Skill building across all genders is a crucial part of inclusion and belonging at MCDS and in the real world. Learning to work and collaborate effectively with others helps students:

  • cultivate friendships
  • strengthen their communication skills
  • break down stereotypes
  • develop confidence and crucial leadership skills
  • gain from multiple perspectives
  • feel secure in their identities and free to be themselves


"A coed education is very important to us since we want to prepare our sons for the coed world we live in. In preschool our older son adopted an “I don’t play with girls” attitude. We were a little worried that he’d carry that into kindergarten but we were relieved to hear how his good friends at MCDS have been a healthy mix of both boys and girls alike!"

"Watching our daughter grow into such a well-rounded individual with a boost in self confidence nurtured by open mics in class and after-school programs, like theater, has been very rewarding.”

"The MCDS mission to create an inclusive community of learning that inspires curiosity, empathy and action is at the foundation of everything MCDS does...what this looks like is an environment where each child feels safe, seen and excited to learn."