Alumni Giving

Alumni Fund

Your gift to the MCDS Alumni Fund supports endowment for indexed tuition. Make a gift today!

Class Endowment

Your gift to a class endowment is a long-term investment in indexed tuition. Alumni gifts to class endowments support indexed tuition. These dollars are put into an endowment fund (similar to a savings account), which either generates revenue through investments or interest. The revenue is then applied to the operating budget, leaving the initial gift available to generate more.

Other Endowment Funds

In addition to the Unrestricted Endowment, the school has several established endowment funds with income restricted to the areas described below:

Student Support

Graduating CLASS Endowments

In 1991, parents of graduates launched the first Class Endowment in recognition of the excellent education their children had received at MCDS. Subsequently, each graduating class has established its own fund to support indexed tuition, and funds are being established retroactively for classes prior to 1991. As alumni and their parents make additional gifts, the Class Endowments are becoming an increasingly important factor in supporting access to school.


Established in honor of Tim Johnson, Head of School for fifteen years, this fund supports indexed tuition. Tim was such an articulate spokesman for the belief that matriculation at MCDS creates many opportunities for all kinds of great kids to develop the skills, habits and motivation to encourage them to “envision and work toward a better world” as they mature. This fund will create opportunities for many more children and their families to participate in the school community.


Established in memory of this revered Lower School teacher who came west to teach as MCDS moved to our Paradise Drive site in the school’s second year. Income is directed to indexed tuition.


Established to honor the memory of Kwentyn Wiggins (Class of 2016), income from this fund will support indexed tuition for students from Marin City, which helps create the inclusive community that Kwentyn so valued.

Faculty Support


Established to honor the school’s founders whose dream launched MCDS in 1956, income from this fund is directed to faculty compensation.


Established to honor this legendary founding music teacher, income from Barry’s fund supports faculty compensation.

EDward Sibley Fund

Established to honor this esteemed math teacher and Upper School Head, this fund supports faculty and staff professional development.

Program Support


Established to honor Janet Daijogo’s 36 years of exemplary teaching, income from the fund supports  Energy Time/Mindfulness/Social Emotional Learning as core to our work with students. 


Established to honor the memory of Tim Hall (Class of 1997), income from this fund supports the music program and development of young musicians.

The Board of Trustees, through its Investment Subcommittee of the Finance Committee, exercises its fiduciary responsibility by selecting and evaluating the performance of investment advisors and by setting spending policy. The Marin Country Day School endowments are managed by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. Endowment income equivalent to no more than 5% of a rolling five-year average was directed to the operating budget.