Alumni Athletes

We're pleased to highlight our alums who participated in athletics while at MCDS and who have continued their sports careers in high school, college and at the professional level.

Are you an MCDS alum who played organized sports in high school, college or professionally? Let us know! Email Athletic Director Janet McCann.


Warren Klein, '00

  • High School: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball (Urban)
  • College: Men's Varsity Baseball (Pomona)

Anne Lindley, '00

Equestrian/Three-day Eventing (Professional)

Jackie Adlam Crown, '01

jackie adlam crown

MCDS - Volleyball (3 years) 
Marin Academy ('05) - Varsity Volleyball
Colgate University ('09) - Division I Volleyball

Zander Lehmann, '01

MCDS: Soccer, Baseball

High School: Varsity Baseball (University, 2005)

College: Baseball (Washington University, St. Louis, 2009)

Jono Grayson, '02

High School: Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Track and Field (Marin Catholic, Class of 2006)

College: Football, Baseball, Track and Field (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Class of 2010)

Ross Pomerantz, '03

MCDS: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer ('03)
High School: Marin Academy - Varsity Baseball & Varsity Basketball (2007)
College: Varsity Baseball (Occidental)

Professional Baseball: Sonoma County Grapes (2011), San Rafael Pacifics (2012)

Caroline Dagley, '04

MCDS: Basketball, Soccer

High School: Varsity Girls' Basketball, Varsity Girls' Soccer (Branson, Class of 2008)

College: Women's Soccer (Northwester University, Class of 2012)

Tommy Barger, '07

MCDS: Cross Country, Basketball

High School: Varsity Lacrosse (Marin Academy, Class of 2011)

College: Men's Lacrosse (Stanford University, Class of 2015)

Jamie Grossman, '07

MCDS: Soccer, basketball

High School: Men's Varsity Tennis (Marin Academy, Class of 2011)

John Munz, '07

High School: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball (University High School, Class of 2011)

Hannah Shank, '07

MCDS: Volleyball

High School: Varsity Volleyball (Marin Academy, Class of 2011)

College: Women's Volleyball (Kenyon College, Class of 2015)

Ned Tennenbaum, '07

MCDS: Cross Country

High School: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track and Field (University High School, 2011)

College: Men's Cross Country (UC Santa Barbara, 2015)

Katelin Breck, '08

MCDS: Cross Country, Basketball, Track and Field

High School: Cross Country, Soccer (Branson, Class of 2012)

College: Club Soccer (UC Berkeley, Class of 2016)

Charlotte Kama'i, '08

MCDS: Basketball, Soccer

High School: Varsity Basketball, Swimming (Marin Academy, 2012)

College: Varsity Swimming (Dartmouth, 2016)

Katherine Parsells, 08

MCDS: Cross Country

High School: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track and Field (Sonoma Academy, 2014)

Emily Weibe, '08

Cross Country: MCDS and University High School

College: Lightweight Women's Crew (Princeton University)

Christian Ayscue, '09

MCDS: Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball
High School: Phillips Exeter Academy - Varsity Football, Diving, Lacrosse (Class of 2013)
College: Club Rugby (Santa Clara University)

Kipling Weisel, '09

MCDS: Cross Country

High School: Soccer, Track and Field (Branson, Class of 2014)

College: Men's Ski Team (Dartmouth, Class of 2018)

Sophie Breck, '10

MCDS: Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer

High School: Cross Country, Soccer, Track and Field (Branson, Class of 2014)

College: Club Soccer (UC Davis, Class of 2018)

Matt Cutcliffe, '10

High School: Golf team Co-captain (Marin Academy)

College: Men's Golf (Colgate)

Kim Davidson, '10

MCDS: Soccer

High School: Varsity Soccer (Urban, Class of 2014)

*pictured in blue

Nora Hanson, '10

MCDS: Soccer
High School: Urban - Soccer (Class of 2014)
College: Women's Soccer (Colby College)

Anthony Koh-Bell, '10

MCDS: Soccer

High School: Varsity Soccer (Lick Wilmerding, Class of 2014)

Elijah Parsells, '10

MCDS: Cross Country, Boys' Volleyball

College: Men's Gymnastics (University of Iowa, Class of 2018)

Chloe Conacher, '11

MCDS: Girls' Soccer

High School: Soccer (Branson, Class of 2015)

College: Women's Varsity Soccer (Dartmouth, Class of 2019)

Owen Karlenzig, '11

MCDS: Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball

High School: Volleyball, Drake High School (Class of 2015)

College: Volleyball - UC Santa Barbara (Class of 2019)

Leigh Pomerantz, '11

MCDS: Volleyball, Basketball '09-'11
High School: Marin Academy - Varsity Softball ('12) & Varsity Basketball ('12-'15)

Sam Zaroff, '11

Volleyball: MCDS and Sacred Heart High School

Teddy Breck

MCDS: Soccer

High School: Varsity Boys Soccer, Mountain Bike (Branson, Class of 2016)

Eliza Dean, '14

MCDS: Cross-Country, Basketball, Soccer, Trach & Field

High School: Women's Varsity Field Hockey (UHS, Class of 2018)



Marcus Dusenbury, '91

High School: Football, Soccer, Tennis (St. Ignatius, class of 1995)

College: Men's Soccer (Sonoma State University, Class of 1999)

Professional: Semi-pro Soccer (San Francisco United and San Francisco Scots)

Calen Carr, '97

High School: Varsity Soccer (Branson)

College: Men's Soccer ( UC Berkeley, Class of 2005)

Professional: Soccer (Chicago Fire and Houston Dymano)

Katie Keegan, '99

MCDS: Soccer

Georgetown University: Women's Rugby (2007)


Michael Inman, '78

High school: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

College: Kayak

William Nadel, '79

College: Track and Field (Middlebury College, 1987)