Resources for MCDS Families

Welcome to the resources page for MCDS parents and guardians!

Below you'll find links to information and resources for MCDS parents/guardians and families. Please note: You will need your username and password to access the Veracross Portal or to register for afterschool programs.

Password-Protected Information

You will need your MCDS username and password to access:

  • Veracross Portal (for progress reports, student schedules, Family Directory, updating your contact info, Magnus Health link, and more)
  • School documents and general info (e.g., handbooks, bus schedule, etc.)
  • Afterschool Programs Portal to register for afterschool programs
  • Payment Portal
  • MCDS Volunteer Opportunities website

Click on the tabs below for more info and to log in.

Where to find...


Additional Resources & Links for MCDS Families

Most of the the information in this section does not require a password.