Concerts and Plays

MCDS believes in nurturing students’ creative expression through the performing arts. All students perform in concerts and plays throughout the school year.

In Lower School, students in kindergarten through 2nd grade perform a winter concert in December. Third graders perform an original play based on their study of San Francisco and chorus is offered for both third and fourth graders.

In Upper School, the Winter and Spring Concerts feature students performing original songs as well as material by popular artists. The music program in Upper School, emphasizes the development of rhythmic, melodic, vocal, instrumental, notation, song-writing and listening skills and provides students with multiple opportunities for ensemble work.  In Drama, Upper School students build self-confidence, imagination, self-presentation, and the ability to work in ensemble with others. Students have the opportunity to participate in various plays and elective offerings throughout the year.

More information about our Performing Arts program is available in the course descriptions for Lower School and Upper School