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Snapshots of school life at MCDS.

What's Up After School?

Our after school programs offer MCDS students a wide range of activities from arts and crafts, music, sports and more. Check out the after school blog to learn more!
PM Creperie

PM kids learned how to make pancakes earlier on in the year, and now you can see how they learned to make crepes too!

PM Tag Games

We love playing tag in PM, but we also love making new versions of the classic playground game!

A Glimpse into Forte

We take a closer look at Forte, our after-school music program where students can take lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, vocals, and more! 

Our Favorite Indoor Activities

If it's a rainy winter day and you want some ideas for things to do with your kids, check out our list of some fun indoor activities that we like to do in PM.

A Sweet Weekend Treat

In PM last year, students learned how to make pancakes. The kids in PM loved making this sweet treat, and now you can too!