MCDS Social Media Mashup

Snapshots of school life at MCDS.

    What's Up After School?

    Our after school programs offer MCDS students a wide range of activities from arts and crafts, music, sports and more. Check out the after school blog to learn more!
    A Sneak Peek Into Forte Lessons

    We love getting the chance to see some of our Forte students in action! Enjoy this glimpse into some our after-school music lessons.

    I Am...A Kindergartener

    Our latest article in our "I am..." series is about one of our kindergarteners! Learn more about him in this blog post.

    Let's Talk About Art!

    Our PM Art teacher, Shannon, shares some tips on how to talk to your children about their art!

    Potions Week 2019!

    We just held our fourth annual Potions Week, and this year, the students got to explore cloud dough, fluffy snow, slime, and rainbow potions! Enjoy this glimpse into our fun-filled week!