Online Auction

The MCDS Online Auction is now open for viewing. Here are seven essential tips to help you before you start bidding on April 21:

1. Bid to Earn Raffle Entries for a Fabulous Year of Nights on the Town (Valued at over $1200)!

It's the raffle of the year, but you can't buy tickets! You get 1 raffle entry for every 3 bids you make in the Online Auction between Thursday, April 21 and Saturday, April 23 at 5:00pm (of any value, on any item) for our Grand Prize auction raffle, to be drawn at the Community Dinner Dance. This year's prize is a year of nights on the town in the form of 12 restaurant gift certificates (Winners need not be present to win, but you won't want to miss it!)

2. Create an Alias!

Don't be shy about making up an auction-only name for yourself when opening your auction account. We've seen Christopher Robin bidding, as well as Salt-n-Pepa and other nom-de-auctions! You may feel more comfortable participating in a bidding war under the cover of anonymity. Remember, everyone wins when the bidding gets hot!


3. Get Organized!

Preview the entire auction early so you can start organizing consortiums and choosing your lead bidder for the parties you want to win.


4. Click Through All the Nooks and Crannies!

Items on the auction page are organized by category. Even if you think certain categories aren't of interest… click through just to be sure. There are gems in each group that may be listed under several headings, so check them all!

5. Bid High and Bid Often!

All proceeds support our indexed tuition program. We hope you'll bid generously!


6. Forward the Link to Friends Beyond the MCDS Community!

With a few exceptions (noted in the "conditions" of an item), the auction is open to the public. Send the link to treasure hunters everywhere! They'll thank you when they score, say, Warriors tickets that were never available on the open market or a week of summer camp for their kids! When the e-mail announcing the opening of the auction goes out, look for the section with a link and guest password to send to your friends.


7. It's Not Over 'Til It's Over!

Items involved in an ongoing bidding war will not close until there has been no bidding for 10 minutes. That means if the bidding for your item is heated right up until closing time (10:00pm on Thursday, April 28), that item is not considered closed until 10 minutes have passed without a bid. So please, be vigilant and watch your item until it says "Item Closed."

If you have any questions please contact Jordan at

Thanks for Making IT Happen!