The Mindfulness Fund

in honor of Janet Daijogo

Please help us celebrate Janet's 36 years of exemplary teaching and her foundational work in establishing Mindfulness as core to our program.


Photo Gallery

Janet Daijogo at Step-Up Day 2019

Ann Alpers
Karen Barbour and David Sheff
Gray Boyce and Tom Bliska
Kristen and Ted Breck
Betsy and Martin Cannon
Alice Fredericks and Neal Benowitz
Colleen and Bob Haas
Kathleen and Joe Jolson
Lisa and Mike LaHorgue
Nion McEvoy
Susan and Chris Masto
Sharon Nevins
Ann and Barry Reder
Susan Swig
Adam Willner and Marta Benson
Sandy Wong

Seth Chanin ‘01
Paget Chung ‘18
Katherine Akemi Disenhof ‘04
Elise Haas ‘92
Sophie Harris ‘97
Kai Kane Aoki Izu ‘08
Chelsea Hayashi ‘09
Jeddie Kawahatsu ‘03
Claire Kessler-Bradner ‘95
Hannah Kingsley-Ma ‘05
Nathan Kline ‘13
Catherine Laporte-Oshiro ‘05
Toby Louie ‘98
Chloe Ouyang ‘07
Julie Reynolds Van Voris ‘94
Owen Sherry ‘15
Andrew Griffin Turnbull ‘02
Christopher Yee ‘96