Students Create Mosaic Mural to Honor Lucinda

We take our surprises -- and our art -- seriously!  

For over four months last winter and spring, 595 children (and a number of adults) worked with the Art Team and visiting artist Sophia Othman to create a stunning tile mosaic mural depicting the school oak tree and many animals and plant species native to Ring Mountain and our campus. This community art tribute to honor Lucinda’s 14 years of leadership was conceptualized starting the previous September. A plan was devised to “hide in plain sight” so as to (truly) surprise her. 

Different parts of the project were assigned in an age-appropriate fashion to each grade level- large pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to be assembled at the end by Sophia, our visiting artist. Kids at the start of each art class were asked to raise their right hands and promise not to discuss this project with anyone. Since Sophia worked directly with each group of students, the creative process was distributed over several months and garnered no special attention. 

Sophia’s extensive background in facilitating large-scale community mosaic projects shone through as she engaged with every student K-8 as they used squeeze bottles and brushes to paint tiny, ornate designs on butterflies or leaves, made ceramic poppies or carefully pieced together fanciful versions of local animals. The 10’ x 10’ mosaic mural includes both handmade ceramic tile created by students and pieced broken ceramic tiles on fiberglass mesh sections, that were ultimately combined and mounted on the wall of the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

[View images of students working on the mural project]

At the annual all-school Farewell Assembly in May there was a surprise announcement at the end of the program, and details of the secret mural project were revealed to a very surprised and delighted Lucinda.

Two weeks later the Board of Trustees announced their decision to rename the building the Lucinda Lee Katz Learning Resource Center. The LRC is a fitting, permanent location for a mural that reflects Lucinda’s love of the arts, the natural beauty of our campus and our school community.

At the end of the summer, the mural was installed and we hope that you’ll come by and take a look!