Alumni Video: What I Learned Playing Sports at MCDS

Sports can teach life lessons that go far beyond how to properly set a screen in basketball or how to throw a curveball in baseball. Athletes can learn those technical skills, but the joy, sense of belonging, pride, and camaraderie that they can gain from playing their respective sport can be far more powerful. At MCDS, students learn these life lessons every day, every practice, and every game from their coaches and their teammates. 

As a school community, we stress the importance of inclusivity, and we can see that reflected in our athletics program. In speaking about inclusivity and the overall philosophy of the athletics department, MCDS Athletic Director Janet McCann said, “One of the goals of our program is to create true teams. Players of all abilities and experience are welcome on our teams, since we do not cut players. We try to instill the importance of supporting teammates no matter what, accepting outcomes, and trying your hardest.”

With that in mind, the school asked MCDS alum and former Upper School music teacher Matt Silverman '78 to create a video highlighting these important aspects of the MCDS athletics program. He interviewed several MCDS alumni about their experiences playing on MCDS teams and the lessons they learned that have stayed with them into adulthood.

As one alum said in the video, “A lot of the things that I still care about today really started at MCDS, because I think the way you grow up tends to shape the person that you end up being.”

Thank you to Matt and to all of the alums who so generously shared their memories of what representing MCDS on the court and the playing field meant — and still means — to them.